What is Fish Therapy?

What is Fish Therapy?

Most of us won’t answer that question because we do not have a single clue what fish therapy is or what it does to our health or even how it works. I had the same confused idea about fish therapy a few years ago before I started my business. And now that I understand the concept I am more than happy to share the knowledge.

Fish therapy/fish spa involves patrons(You) dipping their feet in a tub of water filled with small fish called Garra rufa. Garra rufa are sometimes referred to as “doctor fish” because they eat away dead skin found on peoples’ feet, leaving newer skin exposed. I know after that definition you’re having that weird feeling thinking about how a creature is eating off skin from your feet. I bet it feels tickly and somewhat gross? But wait, let’s learn abit more about this unknown creatures before allowing them to eat our feet.

Garra rufa are native to the Middle East, where they have been used as a medical treatment for individuals with skin diseases, like psoriasis. One study has illustrated the effectiveness of fish pedicures in the treatment of psoriasis; however, this treatment was performed in a controlled setting at a medical university in Austria, not at a nail salon or spa. If you’d like to know more about the “doctor fish” Google is your friend.
Health Benefits?

A wide range of claims have been made about fish spa therapy. The Garra rufa fish exfoliation is claimed to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, remove bacteria, reduce foot odour and help with athlete’s foot. It’s also claimed feet will be smoother and softer after treatment. (For those obsessed with fetishes please take notes and come for the therapy).

It’s also claimed the fish can stimulate acupuncture points, helping to regulate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue. Another health claim was that Garra rufa fish treatment benefits people with psoriasis and eczema.

Now you know! So are we having you over at Slim Therapy for a fish therapy session? We are here to answer all your questions and concerns and give you discounts


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January 17, 2017

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