A lot of us have issues with weight and we may be at a loss on how to reduce it. There are many natural ways in which a healthy lifestyle can be maintained; watching what one eats and exercising. Many people, especially women go the route of working out hard at the gym, aerobics and other exercise regimes like daily jogging and/or biking. Sometimes this intense effort doesn’t pay off as hoped, or one does not have enough time, motivation or even patience to keep up the momentum. One may be ill or injured and unable to engage in physically strenuous activity for prolonged periods of time. Also when one is obese, more effort is expended in simply carrying out daily tasks therefore jogging or cardio might be impossible to handle.

The modern lifestyle, life in the rat race, is so fast paced with endless hours spent at work that there is barely any time for physical fitness. This is exacerbated by the availability of junk food more than healthy food in the market and rising levels of obesity, and lifestyle diseases. Maintenance of a healthy weight and physique is a global issue that affects everyone and many have lost faith in the chemical weight loss options which have harmful side effects and few benefits.
Slim Therapy and Your Hormones:

Scientific evidence has shown that virtually everything that pertains to weight loss for both sexes is down to a master hormone. The hormone Leptin fully controls the body’s ability to burn fat. When Leptin levels are high, the metabolism is speeded up and this is a signal to your body to burn fat.

When levels are low this slows down the metabolism and signals the body to store fat. Research has shown that women have twice as much Leptin as men however they can be thrice as unresponsive to Leptin’s signal to burn fat as men. This would explain why men are able to lose weight easier than women. This condition where the women have a lot more Leptin but are not using it to burn fat is known as ‘Leptin Resistance’. This manifests as soft, spongy, cellulite looking fat as found in women’s problem areas of stomach, hips and thighs as well as the behind and the arms. This problem in women is exacerbated by the effect of dieting on Leptin. When women go on a diet, the Leptin levels drop twice as fast in women as compared to men. The result of this drop is a slower metabolism leading to dieting plateaus. The combination of a slower metabolism and a drop in Leptin levels means that fat piles on much faster even when one is eating next to nothing. The Slim therapy nutrition plan avoids fad dieting and promotes eating clean balanced portion based meals to promote your metabolism and boost your Leptin levels.

Slim Therapy as a Starting Point for Weight Loss
We have seen why beginning the journey to healthy living is a challenge for many, now we look at solutions to these issues. No doubt the process of healthy living is a holistic approach for which electrotherapy could be an excellent gateway.

Electrotherapy works by tightening the deep and superficial muscles in a way that is non-invasive and leads to a tighter more toned and healthy body by eliciting certain effects on the body. This includes stimulating lymphatic drainage which gets rid of excess fluids, reduces puffiness and detoxifies. This is helpful not just in weight loss but also improves circulation and optimizes soft tissue functioning from heart to liver to kidneys.

It is safe to use in any body area where fat builds up and where the skin loses elasticity such as the arms, buttocks, breasts, thighs, waist and abdomen. Combined with a healthy diet, it will help reduce fat, cellulite, weight and inches.

Electrotherapy has been in existence since 1940 with the technique being perfected over the years. In all that time the only side effects of note have been elevated energy levels, better circulation, inch loss and better sleep. These side effects are also instrumental in keeping the Leptin switch turned on meaning the body’s energy balance is optimized.

The experience of stimulation with electrotherapy is similar to powerful exercise. One hour of electrotherapy can burn as many calories as 600 leg lifts, 600 push ups and 600 sit ups combined. The number of calories burned in one 60 minute session can amount to 1500. Which means that if combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle that ensures that the Leptin switch is kept on and the body’s metabolism is working at premium, this method can lead to effective weight loss.

Because of its lack of requirement for physical exertion it is a good option for physically challenged clients such as those with physical injuries or illnesses that impede movement such as arthritis, joint pain and other illnesses.

In addition to significant weight loss, the stimulation of the muscles with electrodes resulting in lymphatic drainage and the resultant reduction of excess fluids and detoxification leads to healthy vibrant looking skin. The skin is also more toned therefore improving the physical appearance.

Cellulite is described as fat cells which are trapped in the collagen and elastin fibres beneath the skin and resemble an ‘orange peel’. Fat is supposed to be depleted by diet and exercise but many times cellulite will remain because it is not broken down like ordinary fat. Electrotherapy however is useful in breaking down the trapped fibrous barrier enabling the cellulite to drain away and restoring the former elasticity.

Slim Therapy and Pain Relief
Electrotherapy is an instrument utilised in physiotherapy after injury or illness. It is used to relax muscle spasms, prevent muscle atrophy and retardation, increases blood circulation, rehabilitates muscles, and can re-educate electrical muscle stimulation which then maintains and increases the range of motion, management of chronic and intractable pain, post-surgical acute pain, post traumatic acute pain, wound healing and other medical benefits.

Practical Applications of Slim Therapy
Being overweight or obese is a growing worldwide epidemic and this condition is linked to various detrimental situations such as significant disability, preventable deaths and chronic disease. Obese usually occurs simultaneously with various comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease. There is also evidence that links obesity to pain.

In addition to reducing obesity in order to manage these chronic disorders, physical rehabilitation is important in diseases such as osteoarthritis. Rehabilitation aims at minimizing discomfort, maintaining muscle strength and fitness, improving the range of motion of the joints and improving function. This can be done using therapeutic exercise including electrotherapy. Once the physical health of the patient has improved, it is possible for them to engage in more physical activity including exercise.

Electrotherapy can act as a gateway to weight loss and once size is less debilitating and one is acclimatised to muscular stimulation, it becomes possible to incorporate more physical activity into one’s daily routine from swimming to biking and aerobics, jogging and gym.

Slim Therapy Side effects
The side effects of Slim Therapy are the same as any intense muscle stimulation activity, and include strained or sprained muscle, muscle pull, muscle fatigue if administered incorrectly, or for unjustified long periods. However Slim therapy treatments cannot be performed on pregnant mothers, or individual with pace makers as the muscle stimulation may interfere with the pace maker rhythm.

Electrotherapy slimming has been used for decades as an alternative to surgery and other methods that are invasive in the weight loss process that are able to return rapid results. It is an effective way to achieve muscle toning, skin tightening and healing after surgery. It also relieves muscular pain and effects loss of weight. The electronic stimulation of muscles leads to toning and firming of abdominal muscles, arms and legs while also breaking up fat. With attention to diet, enough rest and reduction of sugars this process can work to reduce Leptin resistance and lead to permanent energy balance and high metabolism that will maintain a healthy weight.