4 Ways To Eat What You Want

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4 Ways To Eat What You Want


When you hear the word “diet,” you might think of restrictive plans that list all the things you “shouldn’t” eat. Diet has gotten a bad reputation over time and sometimes for good reason.  Diets are boring. Diets make me panic. Food on the other hand, food gives me joy. My best and favourite ’inspirational quotes’ are about food and eating.  Take this one by Luciano Pavarotti for example, “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”. Brilliant and accurate.

Eating should be a joyful experience not to be chugged down from a mason jar. An ‘’eating what you want mentality’’ can work very well because you don’t feel deprived. Feeling like you can treat yourself whenever takes some of the pressure away from eating. As a result, most people are more likely to indulge without losing control because “the forbidden fruit aspect isn’t there.” It’s possible to eat whatever you want and still lose weight. In fact, it’s possible to do away with confusing and contradictory diets and fads. It just involves a little mind over platter.

All that said and done, you should treat food as something you enjoy not an emotional crutch.  Here is how to eat what you want without destroying your waistline.

  1. Portion Control. By controlling the portions of even the most decadent foods, you can limit your intake of calories to an acceptable level. It’s also crucial to make sure you’re getting a healthy mix of things. The healthiest way to approach this non-diet diet is to just be aware of what you’re having overall. So, if you have a piece of cake, know that it may make sense to cut back (not remove) elsewhere later in the day.


  1. Well, not really, unless screaming makes you feel better when you are emotionally high strung. Emotional eating is a thing, the thing to stay away from. If you find yourself in the category of people who eat when sad, chances are you don’t even enjoy that food because you associate it with negative emotions. The cycle goes out of control once you realize you just cleared a whole tub of ice cream. Do something else (I find one song that is speaking to me that day and play the hell out of it, dancing helps), something that takes your mind off stress and more importantly learn what your stress triggers are. Weight problems are not so much about what we are eating as why we are eating.


  1. View food as fuel. Your body needs fuel to operate optimally. Fact. Food is neither your enemy nor your friend. It is there to keep you healthy and alive. Eat as much as you need to feel satisfied, and avoid severe calorie restriction as a weight loss tool, as this can lead to health problems and disordered eating.


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July 6, 2017

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