Designed to maintain & improve your skin health & quality.

The skin is a living organ. Every thirty days the cells move upto from the dermis to the surface where they flatten out die and slough off. A professional facial helps exfoliate tone and moisturise the skin to keep it more youthful looking.

At Slim therapy our facial process involves initial skin analysis, followed by cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage steam and moisturization. Our facials help get rid of blemishes, black heads, rashes, eczema and pimples. Our products are designed to ensure even the most sensitive skin is well taken care of and catered for. Both men and women should aim to do a minimum of 4 facials a year, with one facial per month being the most recommended frequency. Drinking water often and applying sunscreen are an important regime to protect the skin against skin cancer.

Treatment price: KSH3000/-
Duration 1 hour

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