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effortless weightloss

 Lie down and get strapped into our slimming machine and go on a journey of increased metabolism, improved lymphatic flow toning and fat loss. 

spa & beauty

Complete the journey into wellness with our body scrub and massage spa treatments exfoliate, reduce stretch marks and cellulite, remove dead skin and feel fresh and rejuvenated

nutrition management

You can't out exercise a bad diet. Out treatments are not complete without our nutrition management and support system to ensure you get the very best results

fish doctor

For the first time in East Africa enjoy our fish pedicure treatments. Your skin is left as soft as flower petals. It rejuvenates the skin, Relaxes and it is also a form of stress relief.

massage therapy

Ambience, ample parking and award winning service at Slim Therapy is a welcome rest and relaxation get away


Trusted Partner for Weightloss and Wellness in Kenya

We promote sustainable healthy living using electro muscle stimulation for weight loss supported by nutrition and lifestyle management. Our environment is modelled to deliver this experience by combining top-notch equipment, specially trained professional staff, and body beauty treatments in an ambience leveraged for relaxation. 
Slim therapy's core vision is to be the trusted partner in weight management, wellness and beauty in East Africa.


About our Director

Elizabeth Simiyu Bisher, director at Slim therapy is also Top 40 under 40 woman 2014 in the Health and beauty industry.


Special Offers

"Sometimes. people fail not necessarily because they're following a bad weight loss plan, but because they lack a good support system."


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